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About Primo Australia

Primo Grills in Australia is made up of 2 distributers who both feel in love with the Primo Ceramic Grill and have made it a central part of their personal and professional lives.

Casey Cordero (distributer QLD, NSW, WA) came across Primo grills while visiting family in Atlanta GA. in 2009 and quickly had to find a way to get a Primo shipped to Australia. One year later he decided to sell a house and buy a couple of containers of ceramic grills with no idea how to sell, store or deliver them!

In 2011 the first container arrived into Brisbane and Primo Australia was on the map. Casey and his wife Leanne decided to showcase the Primo Grills at the ABC Garden show in Brisbane in their first effort to find customer #1. Casey warned Leanne not to worry about sales and it would take a couple of events to find customer #1. In the closing minutes of the first day of the Garden Show Heather Beuamont became customer #1. Casey drove through Brisbane that night with windows down yelling at strangers “sold one”! Primo welcomed 15 new customers that weekend and never looked back. We also made some life long friends from the first event and many of the first customers from that weekend became staff for Primo. Abe Coulter (customer #2) would work overnight in a job for the Australian Army and then meet Casey at 8am to deliver Primo Grills. Steve and Leisa Carter (customer #4) have travelled all around Australia doing events with the Primo team for the last 8 years. Primo Australia has had over 20 different customers over the 8 years represent them at events. Our business here in Australia has been built by the passion of our customers and our customer satisfaction and loyalty remains central to our mission.

In 2016 Casey met Mark and Ming Platts at Melbourne Home Show. Mark and Ming had just purchased a retail shop in Albury NSW (Mr Stoves Pool World) and quickly added Primo as the only BBQ in their shop. Mark and Ming have loved their Primo and wanted to take a larger roll with Primo so in 2019 they took over distribution rights for half of Australia. Mark and Ming have created a fantastic Primo showroom in Albury NSW and travel around VIC, TAS, SA welcoming new members to the Primo family.

Primo Australia continues to grow and has offered uninterrupted service into Australia since 2011. We are now found at top retail shops around Australia and look for partners who share our passion for cooking on the Primo Grill. We are always excited to talk with our customers anytime to help them prepare the perfect meal!

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