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Benefits of Cooking on a Primo BBQ

Primo Taste

Meat cooked on Primo BBQ Grill
Deliciously moist Boston Butt

Primo BBQ Grills are composed of the finest ceramic blend for superior heat and moisture retention.

Ceramic is much more efficient than metal BBQs resulting in more delicious food and greater moisture retention in your food as it draws less air to maintain the heat source. Your Primo will reach temperatures beyond 750 degree (f) / 400 degree (c) allowing you to get that professional steakhouse style seared steak.

If you are after a melt in your mouth slow cooked roast or ribs you are in luck as your Primo will maintain temperatures from 93 degrees(c) / 200 degrees (f) for more then 30 hours.

Using natural lump charcoal your food will be more flavourful and have no chemical taste. Primo also offers the ability to add wood chips such as hickory, mesquite, apple, pecan, etc to add even more flavours to your food.

Easy to Start, Shutdown, and Clean


Primo BBQs reach cooking temperature in as little as 15 minutes. This is achieved by simply lighting a primo fire lighter and adding it to your natural lump charcoal. Lighter fluid is never needed or to be used with a Primo BBQ Grill.


Once done cooking on your Primo simply shut the airflow off and the fire will suffocate itself.  The best part is your charcoal will be able to be used again for your next BBQ! Natural lump charcoal produces far less ash than briquettes resulting in less maintenance for your BBQ.


The heat of your Primo will burn any grease build up much like a self-cleaning oven does. The exterior of your Primo wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Primo Pizzeria

By adding a Primo Pizza Stone to your Primo BBQ Grill you will transform your BBQ into a wood-fired pizzeria. Pizzas that come out of the Primo will be some of the best that you have ever tasted.

Pizza cooking takes very little time to master and is a great activity for the family allowing everyone to decorate and have their own pizza cooked.

Premium Primo Ceramics

All ceramic BBQ grills are not created equal! Primo takes no short cuts and is made of premium-grade ceramics. While other “kamado-style” cookers are made of less efficient clay-based material, the Primo is composed of the finest ceramic blend for superior heat and moisture retention.

With 60% more efficiency than competing ceramic grills, Primo burns less fuel, reaches desired cooking temperature faster, and allows less moisture to escape, reducing cooking times and producing juicier meat and more flavourful food.

View the Primo Grills range here.


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