Australian Steak Searing on a Primo BBQ Grill

Benefits of Cooking on a Primo BBQ

Discover the benefits of cooking on a Primo Ceramic BBQ grill and why Primo beats the competition hands down. From increased efficiency created by higher grade ceramic materials and patented oval design to melt in the mouth taste, the benefits are endless.

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Sweet Potato Mash Cooked on Primo BBQ Grill

Sweet Potato Mash

Ingredients 2 large sweet potatoes (serves 4-6) ½ cup of milk Cracked Pepper ½ teaspoon of salt Tablespoon of butter Setup Set Grill for indirect

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Leg of Lamb cooked on Primo BBQ Grill

Leg of Lamb

Ingredients Leg of Lamb (2 – 3 kilo with bone) pepper 5 garlic cloves (Chopped) Salt Fresh Rosemary Setup Set Grill for indirect cooking (use

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Rack of Lamb Cooked on Primo BBQ Grill

Rack of Lamb

Ingredients Rack of Lamb (approx 300 g per person) Pepper Garlic powder Salt Fresh Rosemary Aluminum Foil> Setup Set Grill for direct cooking (no heat

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Primo BBQ Grill Hamburgers

Primo Hamburgers

Ingredients Beef Mince (250 grams per burger) Salt Pepper Garlic Powder Hamburger Buns Setup Set Grill for direct cooking (no heat deflector plates) and heat

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Primo Oval XL - Loaded

The Primo Oval XL Loaded is extemely user friendly and is the most versatile bbq grill in the world. Included with our loaded package is everything you need to get started.

Primo Oval Large

Grill, bake, roast or smoke any food. Made for grillers and barbecuers who want the most control and demand the very best results every time.

Primo Kamado

Made in the USA from Premium Ceramics and can be used to grill, bake, roast or smoke delicious food.

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