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Sweet Potato Mash Cooked on Primo BBQ Grill

Sweet Potato Mash


2 large sweet potatoes (serves 4-6)
½ cup of milk
Cracked Pepper
½ teaspoon of salt
Tablespoon of butter


Set Grill for indirect cooking (use heat deflector plates) and heat to between 350 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit / 230 degrees Celsius (the range of temperatures is okay and choose temperature that best suits the main dish that you are cooking on the grill)


Wash potatoes and pierce them each a couple of times with a fork. Double wrap them each in aluminum foil.


Place sweet potatoes directly on grill and ideally over indirect heat (350 -450(f) / 175- 230(c)) for approx 1 hour (plus or minus based on size and heat) . Take a pot holder or mitten to give the potatoes a squeeze. The potatoes are ready to come off when they are soft to the squeeze. Remove the skin from the potatoes and put the potatoes in a large sturdy bowl. Add milk, salt, pepper (to taste), and butter and mix with electric mixer or use a potato masher and mix or mash until smooth .


Add more or less milk to get desired consistency. Also a touch of cinnamon can go nicely with the sweet potatoes. You may also serve sweet potatoes right off your Primo.

Healthy Tips

Sweet potatoes are very healthy but with additions of milk and butter limit portion size. Also you can use margarine (one based on canola or olive oil) instead of butter and skim milk instead of full cream.

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